Why are some transactions being marked as locked?

Just in the last 2-3 months I have noticed that some new transactions entered manually to the current account are immediately showing as locked when there is no obvious reason. They also sometimes show the wrong ‘origin’ symbol, ie imported from a feed or uploaded statement !! I have seen it happen with entries for bank charges, salary, invoices paid and others.

Hi @Alchemyst

Generally, a bank statement entry would be locked because of one of three reasons:

  • Year end lock, put in place when you run the year end tool
  • Cash accounting VAT return
  • A manual account lock (similar to a year end lock)

The symbol has one of two states, which is either a cloud (as you’ve seen), or a little box with an arrow.

The box with an arrow shows it was manually entered, whereas the cloud icon can also mean it was created from a journal (such as your salary entries).

I hope this helps.

Hi Mathew,
I have entered all these entries directly not via journals. I have not run any of these locking operations The lock appears immediately after manual entry in every case. This doesnt happen with all entries, just an occasional one and QF never used to do this !!

Hi Rob,

Let me send you a private message and get a few more details from you.

Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

I’ve noticed recently that when I manually enter a bank transaction the date initially shows as greyed out and not editable, but when I refresh the page it becomes editable as normal.

Hi @ian_roberts

I will take a look at this shortly and come back to you.

@ian_roberts - I’ve tried this on a test account, but I haven’t been able to replicate it:

Ah no, having tried it again, the date is initially editable while the transaction is untagged, it gets greyed out after tagging but then goes back to editable on page refresh.

I tried refreshing and sure enough the bank charges entry now shows as unlocked. However, the salary payments remain greyed out, and they are still shown as being from a journal/feed rather than as manual entries. I suspect that there must be some journalling going on in the background automatically for these types of transactions which is now causing this effect. This will make correcting any errors in the manual entries much more difficult.

Hi @Alchemyst

Hopefully you saw my private message to you regarding the salary. But to put it simply - yes, they are a journal rather than a simple tagging entry, only because of the way it works in the background.

The below post explains this in more detail:

We extended this to make it clearer to the user, which was done as a result of user feedback.

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