Why can my client view every invoice I've raised?

When i send a PDF invoice to my customer via email attachment ( preview and send) how come my customer can view every invoice that we have sent to different customer . When a customer follows the link to open the invoice to view their own invoice they somehow can view every invoice I’ve ever raised ? is there something in settings i can activate to prevent my customer accessing invoices that are to other customers?


Are you attaching the PDF or sending them a link? Do you have each client set up individually, or have a generic client such as “Daily Sales”?

If you attach the PDF rather than link it, they will only be able to access that attached invoice. If you link it, they will only be able to view any invoice for their client record. So if you have a generic client such as “Daily Sales” or similar, then they will be able to view every invoice assigned to that client.

You’re welcome to send me more details if you wish in a private message, by clicking my name and then clicking ‘Message’. If you could supply the name of the client in question, then I’m happy to look into this further for you.

Every client is set up individually and when raising an invoice I use the “preview and send” button to attache a PDF invoice, I’ve asked the customer in question to forward me a copy the email we sent to them so that i can see what I’ve done.

I’ll send you a private message to get some more information from you. Look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

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