Why has our bank feed stopped yet again?

This must be the third time in the last 6 months this has happened (twice with Barclays and once with PayPal). Does anyone have any idea what we can do to stop it reoccurring and how we can get the transactions that have been missed imported?

Hi @greengriff

What feed are you using for Barclays? For example, Yodlee, QuickFile’s Feed or Open Banking?


We use Quickfile’s own feed.


Thanks for confirming.

Unfortunately the QuickFile Barclays feed was depreciated around the 18th January due to the Open Banking feed. You can read more about this here: Transition to Open Banking (Barclays)

However, the PayPal feed should continue to run as normal. When did this stop working?

Why would you not warn users (either with an email or a message at log in) that the feed is about to cease? What do I need to do next? Can I get back the lost transactions between 21st Jan and now?

Paypal failed last August. The issue was solved but necessitated manual tagging of several hundred transactions.

Hi @greengriff

We sent an email out to all admin users of accounts using the feed on 29th December. If you’re not the administrator, it may be best to check with them to see if they received it.

The link in my post above is for moving to the Open Banking feed. This works in a very similar way, with the exception of it links directly with the bank and no credentials are entrusted with a third party.

This feed can poll back up to 1 month once it’s been setup.

Is the feed working all OK now, or was it only resolved for a short period?

You would need to manually import the transactions for PayPal unfortunately, but you can usually export these from your PayPal account as a .csv file, and import them as a bank statement into QuickFile.

I am the admin, or at least I should be! How do I see/edit admin details in order to double check?

Given the risk of emails going into spam why not use the notification feature inside the account that you use to notify for invoice reminders and the like?

Paypal is working fine now.

If you go to Account Settings >> Team Management, it should show you there. If you can see other users on the account, you’re the admin. Otherwise, it should say who the admin is.

In the past we have put messages in the account, but feedback has always been that some people don’t log in to view their account for several months, in which case it’s too late by then to do anything and the cut off with the feed is too far gone. I will however pass your feedback on to the team.

Yeah I’m the admin. Maybe notifications and emails then? Belt and braces certainly can’t do any harm.

I’ll certainly feed this back.

Just so you’re aware, I’ve just been informed there is an issue with Barclays at the moment preventing new feeds from being authorised. But once this has been resolved, if you need any help setting the feed up, please let us know.

When it redirects me to Barclays website I get this error:

6031 - Unable to Step Up as process requires the user to be Access Level 40

Is that the current known issue, or something else?

When you logged into Barclays, did you use the Pinsentry device or did you use the memorable word?

Hi Mathew,

I use memorable word. Will it work if I use PinSentry then?

I believe Barclays only allows users logged in with Pinsentry to authorise data sharing (for added security on their side). The Open Banking feed works differently to the previous feed, so pinsentry is more than fine :slight_smile:

I switched to logging in with pinsentry but now I get a different error (‘technical difficulties’). Is this the expected error or should it be working now?

I’ll send you a private message to get a few more details from you about this.

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