Wider date range when checking for duplicates on bank statement import

@Glenn any chance this could allow a window of a few days either way for the date? If I buy something on a Saturday, pay by debit card and log it on QuickFile that afternoon then the payment in QF is dated Saturday. When I come to import a statement from the bank the matching transaction there is dated the following Monday.

I’ve shifted this to a new feature request topic.

I guess it’s possible, the only risk is it constantly throwing up false positives whenever a statement is imported, which is more likely when you widen the date range for checking duplicates.

Anything like this would have to be a customisable setting at the account level, which is not likely to be much of an issue to implement. I will log this for review to see what can be done and report back, it may not be imminent but we will definitely have a look.


We have just added an option that you will find in the Advanced Features area. This will allow you to set the number of days before and after any bank transaction date to cross-check for duplicates.

You will find the new option in Account Settings >> Company Settings >> Advanced Features:

You can set the number of days to search in the drop-down menu at the bottom.

Hope that helps!