Wise Bank Feed

I have been using wise automated feed but my subscription expired in November. I renewed my subscription and setup the bank feed again. However, it keeps on saying no transaction after November. I have revoked the authorization many times and setup again. However, I get the same result i.e. only transaction until Nov 23 is coming.

Hello @pinakibag

Have you More than one account under the same online banking login (e.g. GBP/Euro/USD)

You can check which bank accounts are linked to which of your QuickFile accounts by going to Banking > Open bank feeds.

I suspect the wrong account is linked.

Try revoking them all and setting them up again ensuring they match up correctly.

Hi Steve,

Yes, I have multiple accounts, but I have revoked and mapped it again like the following screenshot A.

It returns the same transactions until my expiry date of the feed. However, it gets the right balance in the screenshot B.

In the Product tab, I keep on getting Screenshot C



Hello @pinakibag

I can see some transactions have came through on the overnight feed

thanks Steve for getting back. It did not get all the transaction for some reason. I changed dates randomly and now it retrieved all the data. Not sure what I did wrong.

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