Wise.com USD and GBP accounts

Hi @InfoDots

If the transaction has happened in the last 24 hours and isn’t being pulled in when you refresh then the likihood is that it’s status is pending. Once the transaction is ‘booked’ then it’ll appear in your feed

OK. I’ll wait. Thanks for your help.

I was wondering, do I have to manually refresh the bank feed for new transactions to be pulled or does your system run the refresh on schedule?

Hi @InfoDots

The Open Banking feeds are all refreshed automaticaly overnight so you don’t need to manually refresh. If there is a transaction that you know should be there but isn’t then it’s always worth trying a manual refresh but, generally speaking the transactions should come through with the overnight feed if they have cleared

Thanks. I have noticed another weird thing about how your system pulls the USD transactions. It does not pull the actual USD amount.

For example, a transaction with USD 33.25 in my Wise.com account appears as USD 33.11 in QuickFile.

Another transaction with a value of USD 9.28 shows up as USD 9.24 on QuickFile.

Why is this happening and how can I get QuickFile to display the actual USD amount from Wise.com?

The implication of this is that when I first reconciled my accounts, there was a difference of USD 78.73 more money in Wise.com.

Hi @InfoDots

This may have something to do with the charges on the transactions? You can reconcile this yourself at the end of the month or we can enable the fees being added to your feed for you for each transaction

You are right. I have just checked and the difference is caused by the fees.

Please enable the fees to be included in each transaction. That way, the same amount in my Wise.com account will appear on QuickFile.

Hi @InfoDots

If you could send a message to @QFSupport with your quickfile account number we can enable this for you

Hi @InfoDots

I have removed your reply from the public forum but I have requested that this be enabled on your account. I will confirm once this has been done for you

Hi @InfoDots this has now been enabled on your account

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