Won't let me submit vat return

I will not allow me submit with message:
|Error: Under the Making Tax Digital rules VAT returns should be supported by accounting records. This VAT return appears to consist only of adjustments and cannot be submitted to HMRC. If you prefer to submit your return from an Excel document then please use the VAT bridging module instead.|

I have never used quickfile to generate invoices. The only thing I always do is manually fill the boxes I need. It worked for the previous 4 returns. Not sure wheter something changed now ?
Any ideas ?

Hi Dawid,

Under MTD rules we aren’t able to accept VAT returns that are manually keyed any longer, as HMRC now require all VAT returns to be backed by accounting records.

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Create invoices and expense records from within the software. The VAT return will then be populated from that data.

  2. Use the VAT Bridging module, this will then allow you to prepare your VAT returns from an Excel file.

Hi, I understand that I need to set up a new account for VAT bridging - I keep trying to do this but I just get taken back to my initial account & therefore dont have the option to follow he steps laid out.
Can you help please.

Hi @DavidM

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the VAT bridging module.

Can you provide me with a few steps so I know where you are in the process please? For example, what are you clicking? What is it asking you for?

Hi Matthew, at an initial stage.
I put the details in to create a new account for VAT bridging & it states (from screenshot)
This e-mail is already registered to a Quickfile account:
To access this account click this
To set up multiple companies…
To know more about affinity …

Hi @DavidM

It sounds like you already have a QuickFile account. Each email address can only be associated with one QuickFile account, so you would need to use the one you’ve already set up.

If you can’t remember your details, you can start by finding your account here: Find your QuickFile Account

Hope that helps!

Hi Matthew,
I know my account details but I havent used VAT bridging before & it said that you had to set up a new account & tick ‘bridging’ on the new account.
There must be a simpler way especially as you can only have one account per e-mail address.
It VAT bridging I need help with accessing please.

Do you use your current QuickFile account at all, or is it empty?

If it’s empty and unused, there’s no need to register for a new account - you can go ahead and enable bridging on that one.

If this isn’t the case here, let us know and we’ll try and help you further.

I use it each quarter but I’ve never been asked to provide supporting accountancy or excel paperwork & it states without this, my return cant be issued.

Just to confirm - you have a QuickFile account, but you only use it every quarter, which I assume is to submit VAT returns? No actual data is held on your account (e.g. invoices, clients, suppliers, purchases, etc.)?

Is that correct?

Hi Matthew correct. - Just VAT - It mentioned somewhere there is a Bridging Module fee of 45 pounds to pay which I’m ok to do when asked.

Perfect. Just wanted to be sure I’m on the right wavelength! :slight_smile:

So you’re perfectly fine to use your existing account, and you can follow the steps in the guide, skipping out step 1.

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