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Woocomerce via Zapier to Quickfile - how to handle VAT

We have standard VAT orders, zero rated exports, out of scope orders (shipped from outside the UK to outside the UK) and intra-community orders (shipped from Northern Ireland to EU). Is it possible to enable these extra VAT options on QF invoices from Woocomerce/Zapier based on the shipping method or other woocommerce data?
For the VAT return we need to differentiate intra-community supplies and out of scope orders, and I hope this could be automated.

I found the ecVatExempt in the documentation, but is there also a OutOfScope ?

Hi @nick2

With Zapier, it does use a slightly different set up to the standard API.

Unfortunately, options like OutOfScope aren’t available through Zapier at the moment.

Would using the API directly be an option? For example, developing your own link between WooCommerce and QuickFile?

Is the ecVatExempt option available through Zapier?
How are people using Zapier/Quickfile if the VAT can’t be transferred correctly, any advice for workarounds?

Making my own link sounds quite complicated, I could hire someone but not sure how many thousands that would set me back.

Edit: I encountered another problem.
The app returned “Bank currency does not match invoice currency.”.
We receive payments in several currencies. In Zapier it seems I have to select only one bank account that the payment is recorded into, and this will then not (always) match the invoice/sale currency.
So it is not possible to use Zapier/Quickfile with sales in several currencies?

The Zapier integration is quite basic, to bridge a gap. Even Zapier itself has it’s limitations. However, there’s no harm in creating a #feature request if you wish, and we can certainly explore the feasibility of expanding this if there’s enough interest.

I am aware of other users using Zapier, so they may be able to advise on workarounds better than I can, so we’ll leave this thread open for a while and hopefully they’ll reply too.

I did figure out how it would be possible to get around the currency issues. I can make filters for a Zap to run, so that one Zap will be for USD, another for EUR etc. And then also filters (based on shipping method) that determines the VAT status. I could set all zero rated orders to a client named "Web sales exports"etc. It will require a lot of different Zap’s, but I can copy them.

One issue I haven’t solved is that the client address always shows United Kingdom. Even when I send the woocommerce country code, United Kingdom is displayed under the address. I can’t seem to find a way to connect the country into QF.

Is the Zap integration made by Quickfile team, or would it be possible for me to make customs Zaps that connect directly to the QF API?

The Zapier integration available at the moment is built by our team. But you could potentially use the webhook feature of Zapier to post data through to the QuickFile API.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. Could possible use Webhooks to set ecVatExempt.
However, I can’t find outofscope in the API, is that not available in the API?

If so, then I would manually have to open all those sales and click modify invoice - additional vat options - out of scope - save
I can only hope we don’t have many sales

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