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Does anyone use the Workspace in Affinity ?
I use Accountancy Manager but it is too complex and I would like something more user friendly
What does workspace cover? and are there any videos on it.

I have used it for over 200 times, QuickFile Affinity overview

Hi Dinah,

The Workspace feature in Affinity provides a simple way to collaborate with your clients on key events, e.g. end of year accounts. It’s a feature that is included at no extra cost as part of your Affinity susbcription.

The basic premise is you create a Workspace, then add specific requests to gather information. This can be a request to upload a file (e.g. previous accounts, bank statements etc.). You can customise these file requests with your own templates.

There are also a number of preset forms for gathering additional routine information such as filing codes, payroll figures, closing stock balances, among other things.

Once you have all your requests in place you can send it to the client and this will expose an area in their account where they can supply all the relevant data. You’ll find a bit more information on what the Workspace area can do from the link below.

Affinity Workspace

If you need any help, just let us know.

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That is a good feature

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