WorldPay Integration - Which installation ID is required? Select Junior ID or XML based ID?


I was hoping somebody could help me with the WorldPay integration feature. Basically we have an online website where we process all payments through the WorldPay gateway but we also want to use Quickfile to send certain customers an invoice to make instalment payments. In the setup integration feature for WorldPay it asks for an installation ID but it is not clear on what type of installation ID is required. We attempted to use our installation ID we currently use on our site (which is XML based) but after speaking to WorldPay they told us that only one installation ID can be used at a time. Therefore a new installation ID needs to be created for the quickfile software but before WorldPay can do that they wanted us to ask you guys which specific type of installation ID is required for the WorldPay integration. Is it the Select Junior installation ID or an XML based installation ID? If anyone could help with this we would be grateful as it would allow us to complete the setup. We are excited to use Quickfile as it’s a great software that meets all our needs. Thanks in advance :smile:

We use the Select Junior Installation ID. We post the payment token to Worldpay using HTTP form variables not XML. Hope that helps!

Hi Glenn. Thank you for your reply that was very helpful. What you guys have created here is amazing. I look forward to using this for my business and also recommending it to other friends.

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