Worldpay - Setup MD5

Can someone help with Worldpay integration? I am stuck looking for MD5 Key???

Hello @barryt

The MD5 key is from you WorldPay CMS account

I cant see an MD5 Key in my Worldpay CMS account. However I have just spotted a section where it says MD5 Secret for transactions?? Is it a key I am supposed to create do you know?

Hi @barryt

I’ve checked this with a colleague, although it may also be worth asking WorldPay about this too.

It seems that you would create a secret in your settings (in your screenshot), and the MD5 value of which is then saved in QuickFile.

I believe the same is highlighted in their documentation, specifically under the bespoke set up heading.

Thanks I added this and it worked in test mode but doesnt work in Live mode. Any other ideas on this? Does worldpay require anything further to work with quickfile do you know?

Hello @barryt

Have you entered the same settings/MD5 Key in WorldPay, are there separate settings for test/live mode in WorldPay?, you may need to contact them to ask -

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