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Worldpay signup and setup


We have been trying to setup Worldpay integration on QF without success (so far!).

Please can someone tell us which type of Worldpay account or feature we require and where we find the details to enter into the QF setup? We have signed up for the fixed monthly package which gives us access to two installations, WorldAccess and PayByLink, but when we enter either of these installation IDs into QF setup for Worldpay and try a test transaction the process fails.

Have spoke to Worldpay tech support who say we need ‘Select Junior’ (ecommerce?) added to the account and have asked us to contact sales. This sounds like they’re going to ask for a higher subscription…

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

iMSP Ltd


It would need to be a “Select Junior” installation for this to work, this is the one that relies on HTTP variables from my recollection. That said if you email customeramendments@worldpay.com and ask them to add an extra Select Junior Integration to your account, I don’t believe there would be any additional costs.

Once that installation is live you just need to go into the Setup area in Worldpay and grab the installation ID. You will also need to enter a secret key in the Test and Production environment and then input the same into QuickFile under Account Settings >> Manage Payment Options.

We use Worldpay internally so we know that the integration works.


Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your prompt reply as always. We have asked for Select Junior to be added to our account.

FYI and for the benefit of others we did try emailing customeramendments before posting here as you confirmed but there seemed to be some confusion at the Worldpay end and we ended up bouncing between customer support, sales and technical support with a number of email questions and instructions en-route. The Select Junior installation does not appear to be part of any standard package and is installed upon request which also requires a small amount of additional information to confirm website ownership etc. (although why you would need to confirm ownership of your own website when the Select Junior info is used in the QF Worldpay integration setup is a bit baffling!)




I have encountered the same issues as outlined above but am not getting anywhere with Worldpay. I have rang customers services and spoken to them as well as the technical department. I have also emailed customer amendments. Each time I communicate with them I am directed to another department but I never get a resolution.


@mbesheffield - I’ll send you a private message to see if we can help. Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner