Wrong opening balance on new bank account

I’ve recently closed our Nat West accounts and opened up a new current account at the Yorkshire Bank. I put the opening YB balance on QF as the amount that was transferred from NW, whereas I think I should have posted it as 0.00 and simply transferred what was left at NW into YB. Now I am left with the same amount in NW and YB and it won’t allow me to change the YB opening balance. Please advise as there are similar topics on the forum but you’ve solved them privately.

Hi @Softley

If you go into the NatWest bank account, and click ‘Settings’:

You should be able to correct the opening balance there:

No, it won’t allow me to do so. I’ve already tried.

If you go into your bank settings, and select ‘Modify opening balance’:

This will load the journal related to that opening balance, with another entry to 9998 Suspense Account. You can either delete the journal from that screen, or change 9998 to the nominal code for the old bank account.

That would act in the same way as tagging a transfer

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