XE.com - possible to turn it off?


Is there any way to turn off automatic currency exchange with XE.com and switch to a user given rates? There is a toggle for that on Multi-currency settings page but it doesn’t actually toggle :slight_smile:

You can’t turn off XE.com rates, the toggle I believe was there to allow switching between different rate providers although we haven’t yet added any additional rate sources.

When creating invoices you will always be able to override the rates supplied by XE.com and enter your own. Same applies to payments, as here the rate is inferred from the amount in GBP and the foreign currency.

There also needs to be a rate source in place as some parts of the system would infer rates, i.e. entering bank transactions in a foreign currency, pulls and stores the equivalent GBP amount using xe.com rates. If you were importing a CSV of 200 EUR entries you’d want to avoid manually entering a rate for each.

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