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Year end - accounts not the same as Quickfile

I do the admin to keep Quickfile up to date, entering purchase and sales information - I’m not financially trained. At year end, the accountants work their magic and the accounts are produced but nothing is ever updated on Quickfile. The business owner is happy with this as the accountant says he doesn’t need it updated. However, if an invoice has been written off, it should be written off to avoid chasing etc. I have a copy of the accounts but none of detail as to how the numbers were arrived at. Is there a way to set new opening balances or do I need to correct each transaction (write off each invoice)? I’m not expecting a quick fix here, just a direction of travel for the next stage of this discussion with the business owner so he can see the benefits of an accurate system. or a website for beginners where I can see how this would be done in a normal situation.

Hi @WalkerTim

You can run the year end tool within QuickFile which will create a journal. You should then be able to make any adjustments with the journal. If you need help with this then i’m sure you can ask an accountant who uses QuickFile to give you some help.

There is a list of accountants that can be found here: https://accountants.quickfile.co.uk/

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