Year End additions

Our accountant has provided us some journals which need to be added to our year end journals, is it possible to add these after we have completed the year end process or do I need to delete the year end and start again?

When I try to add to the year end journal the relevant nominal account codes do not appear, can I just create a separate journal within the relevant period?

thanks Rob

What date has your accountant suggested these adjustments should go in? You should just be able to modify the y/e journal.

Hi Glenn

The journals are to be included into year ending 31/3/14, I have tried adding the journals but no option appears for the corresponding account codes,
Code 0020 Plant & Machinery, Debit of 1132.20
Code 0021 Plant & Machinery - Depreciation, credit of 443.83

The nominal codes I need to enter range from 0020-3200, the selection does not appear so can I just add them anyway?

Thanks for your help


I think possibly the y/e journals may limit which codes you can use as it’s intended to only move all P&L items to the Balance Sheet as retained profits.

I would therefore enter this as a separate journal on the first day of the next accounting period, although I would double check with your accountant.

I ended up deleting the year end journals to 31/3/2014 and then entering the manual journals, then re-doing the year end process, this appears to have worked however the new journals are not taken into account on the profit & Loss report for that period?



I see you have a set of journals “Adjusted Year End Journals”, are you saying these aren’t appearing on the P&L?

That’s right, they do not appear on the P&L



I thought so, they wouldn’t appear in the P&L as they’re all balance sheet codes (e.g. < 3999).

I see, how would I get them to appear on the P&L?



Only activity on P&L codes (4000- 9999) will appear on the P&L you can’t get balance sheet activity (0-3999) to appear on a P&L.