Year End Balance Sheet Not Quite Right

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I have had my 2012/13 Accounts produced and my accountant has done some journals to sort out the bookkeeping as normal. I have then run the Year End Process from Settings and this produced a load more journals. My accountant tweaked these a tiny bit and then I have run the Account Lock Date tool to seal off last year as normal.

My YE date was 31/07/13 so when we look at the Balance Sheet for that date the P&L Account still has some funds in it instead of having been moved to 3101. This means that when we look at the P&L Account for 01/08/13 it has a balance instead of reading zero.

Is there something else I/we should have done for the YE process?

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In support of the information already provided, I thought it may help that it is not the actual accounting figures per se, that I need assistance with but more the Year End procedure not appearing to act as expected. I read up on the procedure before pressing the button and had previously seen forum posts also relating to the procedure.

I think we have run it correctly but cannot determine why the first day of the following year still has figures in the P&L Account row on the Balance Sheet when we expect it to be a clean slate with all figures moved to 3101.

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Just had a quick glance at the figures and it looks like you have two sets of year-end journals for the close of 31/07/2013. One set was created as a manual journal outside of the year-end tool, these will likely be causing the problem. I would recommend running all your year-end journals through the dedicated tool as this will ensure the P&L is correctly cleared down.

Ok, will get those reversed and try again! :smile:

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I found the precise problem.

You have a bank opening balance dated 01/09/2012. This wasn’t negated from the year-end journal as the OB should have been set as 01/08/2012. You would need to change the date of this opening balance and then re-run the year-end tool.

Ahhh, yes! Our YE changed this year from 31/08/13 back to 31/07/13. That makes sense now.

I have locked the year using the Account Lock Date so how can I unlock it? I tried to use it again in case it unlocks it but it didn’t appear to.

Also, do I need to delete the YE journals form the first running of the process or will it not recreate them?

You can change the account lock date in “account settings”. Although you will need to first delete the current year-end journals (you may want to copy the figures to Notepad or Word first).

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for all the help so far. :smile:

As instructed, we have deleted the YE journals, changed the lock date to before the beginning of the last year, moved the OB to 01/08/12, re-run the YE process and locked it again up to 31/07/13 and the Balance sheet is still listing an amount in the P&L account for 01/08/13.

I only started using Quickfile at the beginning of this business year so other than the OB, there are no transactions for previous years. How come the YE process is not resetting the P&L figure? Are we doing something wrong as we have looked at the KB and we appear to have followed the instructions correctly?

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Would you mind rechecking now, the system was having some trouble picking up that opening balance. It should be find now, we’ve manually corrected the journal and fixed the underlying problem.

Yeah, that looks a lot better now! Cheers for your time and once again top support! :thumbsup: