Year-end close procedure query

I recently ran the year-end close facility in QF for the 2014/15 tax year. All worked fine but, after speaking to an accountant, I find that I need to make a few more entries appertaining to this period.
Looking at other posts, it would appear that I would have to delete the year-end journal, remove account lock date, make my entries then run the close process again.
Would be grateful for confirmation (or otherwise on this) as to whether this is correct before I proceed. Thank you.

I believe what you had said is correct. Delete the year end journal, remove the lock, do what you need to, and run the year end process again.

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This is correct, although I think you can also just edit the year-end journal, I.e. add the additional lines you need.

I need to first create a debit entry on a new nominal code (that wasn’t previously included in my original year-end close journal, I would have thought?

I realised that the y/e journal locks down the nominal code selection to P&L codes only. I have asked for this restriction to be lifted so you can add what you like here. If you can wait 24 hours that should be live.

If you need to resolve today then the y/e journal would need to be removed thus unlocking the period.

When I say ‘new nominal code’, it is already exists in the overheads (7000 to 9999) range and thus is a p&l code. It’s just that i have never used it before…

Strange but im struggling with locking down a period.
The software doesnt seem to function properly.


I’ve just replied to your private message.

We haven’t made any changes to this area recently that I’m aware of. The date you enter needs to be in the correct format.

Everything is fine but just can lock the period, do u see anything mistake?.

That looks fine @KUBE. Your account should now be locked for anything before 5th April 2016

I’ve tried it and doesn’t work. My year end date is the same which is 05/04/2016. It was the same last year and the year end process went fine.
Any solution ?

Is that date already in the box when you load the page? If so, then the lock has been put in place successfully.

Are you perhaps referring to the year end tool? This produces an year end journal and locks the account for you.

Ok so the account management page has year end of 05/04/2016 which is different to year end tool. So when I ran the tool it spit out a journal which I saved and later shows me 3 journals including this one which includes the previous years. 2 of the journals are locked and this one is open. So then I goto account lock date and it shows 05/04/2016 which does not save the page simply refreshes. I hope that’s clear

The year end tool creates a journal which is prefixed with ‘YE’ and contains common movements (although not a final set of accounts - an accountant can do this for you). It then locks any journals prior to that year end date, and sets a lock on the accounts for you.

The reason you see the page just refreshing, is because your accounts are already locked to that date by the year end tool. You don’t need to do anything to the lock, unless you want to bring it forward.

Hope that helps

Dear Mathew, there is no lock on that journal line. Please have a look at the attachment. Also if you can I can give you access to the account to login and do it for me.

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What you show there is correct. That year end journal is left open until the following year, so any year end amendments can be entered if required. As I mentioned, that journal isn’t a final set of accounts, so your accountant may wish to add their own entries to finalise your accounts for you.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to do things such as this for you - you would need to speak to your accountant to help finalise these.

Ok let me explain again. I completely understand the journal is open and I’m a qualified accountant my self so I don’t need to seek any advise from another regarding journals. However the system is not allowing me to lock the journal. The point I was asking you to do it for me was just for your self to see that the software is not functioning correctly. It is not locking the period 15/16

Just to add I have double and triple checked the journals and all information is correct and updated and I don’t need to make any changes. Just need to lock the period.

The period 15/16 would be locked if the date is set to 05/04/2016. If you look at invoices that were issued/received before 05/04/2016, they will be locked:

The account lock will lock everything up to and including that date, except the year end journal itself, otherwise it can’t be edited.

If you want to lock the year end journal, you can move the lock forward 1 day, although bear in mind that will lock any invoices issued/received on that date too.

That’s incorrect as I didn’t do what you have said for last year 14/15 then why do I need to move the date. Usually it’s very simple and the period is locked once you click the year end process and then click account lock date. Also the bank is not greyed out.

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