Year End for external accountant - Exporting everything at once?

Hi, it’s that time of year I dread, especially as it’s my first time doing it! Actually anything to do with accounting scares me!

For the Year End, I’ve got an external accountant.

Now I’ve gone through my Bank Transactions, tagged them with a supplier, category and description. I’ve then gone and linked these tagged transactions with the relevant receipt. Now I understand how the categorizing helps for summaries, but how do I export all my transactions, for each account, all in one go? And are the receipts renamed so they can be easily linked to the relevant bank transaction? - Because if not, going through the arduous process of tagging each one in Quickfile (which could be MUCH quicker by the way, more keyboard shortcuts and a list view! I’ve got RSI from the amount of mouse clicks!) would feel like wasted time.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @titaniumapple

With your uploaded documents, they’re not renamed but they are easily accessible. When it comes to things suhh as your year end, what you should focus on is the inputted figures rather than the documents content (although it’s also important to have a full copy of any supporting documents - back and front).

You can export your accounts by going to Chart of Accounts > Export data

Or if you’re after just the profit and loss report for example, these also come with an export option

What you need to do at year end is run the ‘year end tool’, which prepare your accounts. What it doesn’t do however is prepare a final set of accounts, but your accountant would be able to do that for you.

If you haven’t already run that tool, information on it and how to use it can be found here:

Lastly, if your accountant needs access to your account, you can create them as a team member (under Account Settings). However, accountants should be using our Affinity platform, which is specifically designed for them. It may be worth pointing them towards this feature, as it could make things easier for both of you. More details are available at

I hope that helps!

Thanks yes that helps, but what if I want to download all my receipts? Can I even download them? I can see that in the Receipt Hub the tagged purchases have been named according to what they’re tagged to, which is great. All I’d like to do then is just download them with the receipts in one click!


No problem!

To download your receipts, check out this article:

This does all sort of defeat the point of Quickfile though. Surely if you just give your accountant access, or even find one that uses Quickfile already, you will have a lot simpler year end.

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