Year end lock - unlocking account - slight revision

Hi @Vera_Stevens To unlock the accounts, you need to delete the year end journal that’s been created by running the year end tool (Go to Reports > Journals). Then, you can remove the lock by going to Account settings > All Settings > Year end lock. That would then allow you to modify anything that has been previously locked up to the new lock date. If you need further help, please let us know

i have a year end 2016-2017 and some involves to add (a substantial amount).

SO as before, from ‘All Settings’ you need to goto ‘Account Lock Date’ and change the date here:

Then you accounts will be unlocked form that date - though it still won’t let you go back to before your previous submitted and complete accounts.

Your screenshot there shows your 2015-16 YE journal, the 16-17 one would be dated July 2017?


Had to think for a minute, but it looks like you are right:
What it shows is the cause, but uses the previous year to illustrate it.
I guess I took the screen shot from the previous year, as that now shows as locked, but actually I unlocked 2016-2017.

Point of note - you can’t unlock the previous year as it is submitted and signed off with accountants, HMRC, etc

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