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Year End - Starting fresh with QuickFile


i am wondering the best way of doing my year end. For the last couple of years i have been using quickfile for invoicing/bank/receipts but not to create reports. i have downloaded the information and given to my accountants.
i would like to change this so my accountant can use the information on your system etc. ideally from this year -my year end is March 31st. but could be from the start of the 2019/2020 year on April 1st. what is the best approach to use do you think to make sure everything aligns with previous non quickfile reports.
sorry i hope this makes sense?
Best wishes



Hi @ideas4learning,

There are a few reports available to you and you can also build a custom report if the ones given don’t show you want you need Build a custom report.

There are some helpful posts on the reports available here: https://community.quickfile.co.uk/c/knowledgebase/reporting

Hope this helps?




Hi Beth
No I am afriad it does not, i was not asking how to run reports.
I really need to know whether it is best to wait until the year end MArch 31st, and then to start using the the reporting facilities you have for the new financial year.
given i have only been using the software for invoicing etc I am not sure how accurate the default profit/loss reports are and whether I can just start afresh on April1st.

I have also tried to set up a second Directors Loan account, which the advice is:
If you have multiple directors and would like to track what each director is owed or owes the company, you can create additional Director Loan Accounts under the loan header in the bank management section.
however the system does not allow me to this, the add option against the directors load account takes me to add an another bank account, and it recognises that it is an exisiting one. Not sure what i am doing that is incorrect here? But it means i have not been able to create a second diretcors load account. Please could you advise.



Hi Barbara,

Apologies if I mis-read your question.

It is completely your choice; you may be best to start fresh for the new year to keep things separate. The only thing would be that you’d have the invoices from previous years showing on the account.

The alternative would be to create a whole new account for the new year and enter values for your opening balances to correlate with what your previous year ended with.



Hi Beth

Many thanks indeed, most helpful.



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