Yodlee Bank Feed - Beta Testing

We are currently in the process of testing a range of new automated bank feeds and we are looking to invite QuickFile users who bank with the following providers to work with us on testing our new integration with Yodlee.

  • Barclays Bank
  • Natwest Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • Lloyds Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Halifax Bank
  • Nationwide Bank
  • CoOperative Bank
  • TSB Bank
  • Metro Bank

If this is something you’d like to tryout please send me a private message and I will activate this service on your account.

You can send a private message to me by clicking my user icon (The green square with the white chasing arrows) and click the “Message” button.

This is awesome news.
However, i Understand that Yodlee is a paid service , so is this something you will restrict to Power users i.e. on paid QF accounts or will be available free to all QF accounts regardless of their status?

If you would like to use Yodlee following the beta period, you would need to acquire a separate subscription for this (£15 + vat per year). This won’t be restricted to Power Users so it will be possible to have a Yodlee subscription without the need to also have a Power User subscription, should the account be below the “Large” threshold.

I hope that answers your questions, please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to clarify?

Do Power users need to pay £15 + VAT separately if they would like use this feature?


Yes if you’d like to use the Yodlee feeds.

Thanks for the clarification.
I will advice any of my new clients who are not on Barclays accordingly.

Another question that comes to mind. Users using Barclays bank feed, will they continue to receive automatic bank feeds as its the case now.?


How do Yodlee get hold of the data? Do they have to screen scrape like your native feeds do or have they managed to sort out APIs with banks?

@u4h37u - it depends on the bank. Here’s a bit from Yodlee themselves:

The data is gathered from these end points either through a direct feed, screen scraping, or a combination of these.


re: current Barclays bank feed - will it continue as it is?


For now we do not intend to disable our own native Barclays feed. We will revisit this most likely in Q1 or Q2 of 2017, if we find that Yodlee are able to consistently deliver a more robust and reliable feed than we are able to do in-house we will likely discontinue our own native feed.

Many thanks for the clarification.

I have to admit it may be difficult to sell it to my power user clients who are with Barclays , as they currently receive this in their subscription. But as you say, its something we will need to wait and see.

As always, many thanks to the QF team for this amazing software.

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How will this be implemented for us that use Affinity? a fairer way will be for it to be proportionally added to the monthly nominal transaction fees we pay based on clients XS S M L XL transaction size, which is in keeping with the current billing,

The current Barclays feed is part of the Quickfile service to my Affinity clients, if this becomes a separately paid service my customers will either loose the their free feed or pay both quickfile and ourselves separately. It will be easier to build this sort of extra cost into our clients current monthly pricing like the current affinity billing method.

Just by way of initial feedback….

When I opened my business bank account with Nat West rather than set me up with a Nat West Business Bank account I was given one that is earmarked for eventual move to Williams & Glynn bank. This is an internal decision and I wasn’t given any option !

As a result I have to go through two stages of ID when logging on. Initially through personal log in where I am then presented with two separate routes to take. One into my personal accounts and the other to my business accounts.

When I click onto the business accounts I have to go through a second stage of logging in using exactly the same log on details as the first. A real pain I can tell you.

What this means with Yodlee however is that all it can find are all my personal accounts and can’t get access to my business accounts. I imagine this will sort itself out once the business accounts are hived off and I get separate online log in details for the business accounts. I can still manually get my bank feed just not via Yodlee.

Unless anyone else knows differently as to how to solve this ?

@George_H initially the Yodlee service will only be available as an annual subscription via a one-off payment of £15 + vat. We do however plan to look at merging this into Affinity’s own monthly billing system, although this will come a little later.

@Echohead unfortunately I don’t believe Yodlee support divested RBS accounts, although I will check on that one. From a quick Google search I also found the following quote, although I’m not able to verify if this actually solves the problem.

You need to select your bank feed source as Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) (not RBS (UK) or Royal Bank of Scotland Digital (UK)).

Hi @George_H

I just wanted to let you know that it is now possible to setup and pay for Yodlee subscriptions on Affinity. The billing via Affinity then works out at around £1.50 per month.

There’s more info on this update here.