Yodlee Bank feed HSBC

I seem to be having problems with setting up multiple banks feeds on Yodlee.
I have bank accounts on Lloyds Business (2) and HSBC Business (3).
I have managed to set up the Lloyds with any difficulty but when I attempt to include the HSBC Yodlee comes back with an authentication problem. I have entered the same credentials manually so that I know these are correct, so what am I doing wrong?

Hi @gjwguk

Certainly sounds a bit strange. I’m happy to look at this for you, but I would like to offer an alternative first.

I’ve just enabled Open Banking on your account, which will allow you to connect HSBC and update automatically (no more one time passcodes). Would you like to give this a go and see if this works better for you?

As long as the bank account is set to “HSBC” (you should see the logo on the bank statement view), when you go to Activate Bank Feed it should prompt you about Open Banking. However, you may need to log out and back in again to see this change.

Thanks the HSBC open banking solution worked well.
I have assumed that the Yodlee solution will work with the Lloyds account?

There is an Open Banking option for Lloyds as well - you’re welcome to try that one if you wish. Otherwise, Yodlee should continue to work.

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