Yodlee Barclays reset problem

Hi. I set up my Yodlee Barclays feed using pinsentry not realising that it would not be automatic. I have disconnected and reconnected the feed hoping that I would be given the option of using the pass code and pin but it goes straight back into the pinsentry mode. Is there a way of getting Yodlee to forget the original settings? Stephen

Hi @smorlans

When you disconnect your Yodlee feed, it should take you through the process again from the start, as if you were starting from scratch.

What you would do to disconnect the feed is go to the bank account in question, click More Options, and select Bank Feed Details. There you will see a ‘Remove feed’ button.


Also ensure that you haven’t connected the same log in details to any other bank account. For example, if you have connected your current account and a savings account, please disconnect the 2.

When you try to set up the feed again, it should start from the beginning and ask you which bank you wish to connect, and take you through the process again.

I hope that helps, but please let us know if you have any further issues with this.

Thanks. I omitted to disconnect all the accounts.

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