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Yodlee Change from Natwest Bankline to Natwest Business


We have been using Bankline and the relevant Yodlee feed.
We are thinking of ceasing Bankline and just using the “normal” Business Online nwolb.com

How do I do this in Quickfile ?
Remove current bank feed and set up again ?
Will Quickfile recognise that we have a bank feed subscription and switch it ?
Or will removing the original bank feed config cause a problem ?


Hi @timconsidine

Removing the bank feed and re-adding the new one will do the trick. The bank feed subscription will continue to run.

Any problems, please let me know.


Hi, I would also like to add a natwest bank feed but nwolb.com does not appear in the options when trying to activate the feed. I have tried using the ‘natwestpersonal’ feed available in the list but this returns a multiple logins error when I have am not and have not recently been logged in. How can I activate a feed using nwolb.com if it is not available on the list? Thanks


It may be worth trying this one?



Hi Mathew,
That is the one I have been trying… strangely this time it worked! I must have been entering the info incorrectly? Sorry to bother you with this!
Thanks again