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Yodlee feed for my HSBC credit card

Hi seem to be unable to create the Yodlee bank feed for my credit card i have an active feed for my current acount? do you know when HSBC ae going to sort out this feed mess out?

All Yodlee feeds had to be disabled as of 14th March due to the new legislation around PSD2. Open Banking feeds work differently and are still allowed, but it varies from bank to bank as to which account types they support for OB.

Hi @markb125

Just to add to @ian_roberts’ post, in regards to HSBC, they only support current accounts through Open Banking. They do intend to add support for credit cards and savings accounts, but haven’t set any dates for this.

As soon as we know, we will let you know. However, I would also encourage you to raise this with the bank directly

hi so am i right that i have been charge for a feed that no longer is allowed?

There isn’t a separate charge per feed, you’re paying one “bank feeds” subscription which covered both the Open Banking feed for your current account (which still works) and the Yodlee feed for your credit card, and will also cover a direct CC feed once HSBC make one available.

Ian i understand it appears i have to basically use a spreadsheet import again and its a joke considering i am being charged for bank feeds and HSBC have clearly stated this service is free to customers?

Hi @markb125

As Ian rightfully mentioned, the subscription covers you for all bank feeds. It’s unfortunate that HSBC don’t support credit cards or savings accounts, but this is a restriction on their end as they don’t support it (but should).

As soon as it’s available, it will be supported on our end - we have everything set up and pretty much ready to go.

I highly recommend raising this with HSBC. Other banks have enabled this feed for their customers, but HSBC do seem to be lagging behind in that respect.


I seem to have the same issue… I had a reminder to renew my Bank Feed subscription this month, renewed and now none of my Yodlee bank feeds work (Coop, Aldermore - which don’t yet support open banking).

Would have been nice to have been clearer that it was to be turned off and impact me when sending out renewal reminders for a service that is no longer applicable to my use. Do I need this subscription if I revert to using upload bank data option?

Hi @jason

No bank feed subscription is required if you’re manually uploading your transactions.

Yodlee was removed as of the 14th March due to a change in legislation. As part of this, banks were required to put in a way to access data securely (hence, Open Banking). The bigger banks, for the most part, have supported this.

But as above, if the bank doesn’t support Open Banking, I highly recommend raising this with them and letting them know the impact it’s having on your business.

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