Yodlee feeds not working

Hi i recently purchased the Yodlee bank feeds add-on.

It worked fine the day I purchased it but since then (29th) it keeps saying no new transactions.

I have deleted and set it up a few times over the past 9 days to see if this resolves the issue but it still says no new transactions.

There is approximately 10-15 new transactions which can be imported from downloading my statements and uploading, it just cant seem to find them.

My bank account is an RBS Business account if that helps.

Thanks in advance, Jason.

Hi @jason.t

Thanks for the detailed post.

With any of the RBS banks (that includes Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax etc.), there’s a delay of 3-4 days on the transactions being imported.

This is limited to just these banks, but it’s down to the way they record their transactions. For example, a transaction would appear at first with a generic description, but this would then change the following day. Because Yodlee has no way to know whether the transactions are different, it would import it again causing duplicate transactions to appear in your account.

If these don’t appear within the next few days, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll investigate further.

Ok thanks for the info, I’ll keep you updated .


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