Yodlee - how can I import my transactions?

Hi, To make things really easy I have now bought Yodlee and it is active, so how do I now get my Santander accounts to seamlessly appear in the banking area? Sorry but I am completely new to this and I’ve had several hours of trying to organise TSB but they now only let you download 3 months and after several days I have not managed to download, upload anything. Any help gratefully received. Thank you

Hello @Cherry

The feed will automatically run tomorrow morning to pick up today’s transactions. The following is extracted from our user guide:

However, you can go to More Options >> Refresh bank feed to manually refresh it. Where available, you will be presented with an option for a “start date” and we will attempt to pull in transactions from that date up to today. This does depend on the bank itself. If the bank doesn’t support it, Yodlee won’t be able to do it.

So in the case of TSB for example, where they only offer a maximum of 90 days online, it’s likely that this will be the limit of Yodlee too.

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