Yodlee - List of accounts visible to other QF users?


Tried searching for this but couldn’t find an answer. Ive integrated the Yodlee integration with my bank, which has other business accounts aside from my personal account.
If I Activate a Feed for an existing or new account in QF, it automatically shows me a list of available accounts and their balances without authenticating me again.

Will this show up for the other users in QF?

I havent checked if it needs re-authentication after a while… So maybe this is the case?

Many thanks

Hi @dottybee

Each account can only view their own bank accounts linked via Yodlee.

With Yodlee, depending on the bank, we sync the balances at around 3-4am each morning, so the balances will always be accurate and your transactions are ready and waiting for you.

The only time you will be prompted to re-authenticate, is if you or the bank changes something (like a password, or the log in process). Other than that, it will keep going unless you stop it.

Hope that helps!

Quick question to anyone - does this new Yodlee mean that we can no longer sync from our bank accounts without this subscription? Thanks

The Chrome plug in still exists for those wishing to continue using this. This would allow you to import transactions manually for a small number of banks