Yodlee Natwest bank feed duplication

Signed upe Yodlee feeds and connected to bank accs all working fine. It now seems to be relicating bank transactions eg.

Customer payment imported on feed:
5/06/17 000096 - BAC

next day imported on feed:
06/02/17 ---------------- 000096 , FP 05/02/17 0133 , 00155994632BBPCXQY Type: Automated Credit - BAC

It is the same for all credits and debits.

Any ideas?

Hi @rageware

Which bank are you importing from?

From what we’ve seen so far RBS and Natwest (which I believe you’re connected to) provide a given transaction description on one day we poll, then on the next day they append some extra information.

This is problematic as it means our system is currently assuming that given that the descriptions differ they are 2 different entries. We are working on a possible solution here but it may take a couple of days to fully implement as there’s quite a bit of work involved.

Please bear with us and we’ll update you as soon as we can.

Yeah is Natwest.

Thanks for letting me know.

Hi is there any news. still getting multiple feeds?

I’m not aware of any updates, but I will speak to our development team to see if they’re aware of any changes with Yodlee.

The issue is, as explained above, the bank changes the description of the transaction the following day, which unfortunately makes it difficult to know if it’s been pulled in before.

As soon as we anything, we’ll be sure to update you

I’ve been informed that this has actually been corrected. I’ll send you a private message to get some further information from you. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner

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