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Yodlee/natwest feed not functioning

Yodlee seems to connect to bank account ok, but no transactions downloaded since 24 June. Please advise.

Hi @Dan,

have you tried refreshing the feed? do you encounter any errors if you do this?

I’ve just done a manual refresh which worked fine and I’ve now downloaded 47 transactions. Why did it not work on auto?

sometimes your details just need updating or the connection needs refreshing. It should work automatically going forward.

@Dan - Do you only have a current account with NatWest? If so, it may be worth looking at using Open Banking.

So, I’ve deleted the Yodlee service and connected Open Banking to my NW current acc. Do I now have to cancel my Yodlee subscription somewhere?

Hi @Dan,

no there is no specific Yodlee Subscription. The subscription is for the Bank Feeds. This covers you for both Open Banking and Yodlee.