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Yodlee Problem with Barclays Accounts


I have a Yodlee subscription which I use with multiple banks ( Santander and Barclays) and multiple accounts on each.

The Santander accounts seem to automatically update fine as expected but the Barclays accounts do not seem to update automatically. If I go into one of the Barclays accounts and carry out a manual refresh then after going through the Login/Security process I can update that account. Interestingly after I have done that and then go to one of the other Barclays accounts to do a manual update I often get a message that it cannot connect or something and have to wait a while before I can attempt to update again.

Is there a known problem with the Barclays Yodlee feed as it is a bit of a pain to have to go through the manual process on 4 accounts each time.




Hi @Julian_Russell

The good news is, there are no issues with Barclays or the Yodlee feed (at the time of writing).

From what you’re describing, what seems to be the issue is the way it’s set up. As you can see from your manual experience you need to enter security details, which often changes (e.g. a number from a pinsentry device).

This can be automated but you would need to make a change in the way it connects. To do this, you would need to set up the account using a memorable word set up which would allow Yodlee to automatically pull in the new transactions each morning for you.

You would need to disconnect the feed and re-set it up, but if all your accounts use the same login, this should be fairly straight forward.

I hope that helps!


I have disconnected the feed as suggested but as soon as I then try and reconnect/setup it just gives me the option to connect without choosing the authentication method so I cannot seem to use the memorable word method.

Is there a way to reset this as at the moment I have to refresh every account manually.


Do you have the memorable word set up on the account itself? For example, if you try and log in directly to Barclays, will it allow you to manually log in using a memorable word?

When you set up a new feed with Yodlee, it will start the process from fresh, but it uses the same log in process you see when you’re trying to log in directly.


Yes I have the memorable word set up on the account itself and can log into the account directly using this method.

It was originally working with QuickFile but at some point it asked for re-authentication and it asked for pinsenty number which I supplied.

If I disconnect the Feed from QuickFile and then try to re-connect it always asks for the pinsentry authorisation code (see screen capture below) so I am not sure what else I can do. I have entered memorable word and code but without entering the pinsentry code you cannot progress.


As long as a memorable word is set, then it should be automatic. If you want to set it up (fill in all the required fields including the memorable word) and let me know once you’ve done that, I’ll ask our development team to check it for you to make sure it’s set up all OK


I have set it all up again so perhaps you can check with the developers to see if all is OK.


These are all marked to be updated automatically. I’ve just tried manually refreshing these for you too, and it’s not prompting for a pinsentry code, so there should be no issues going forward.

I will however check the logs first thing tomorrow morning to confirm they have run. If you do experience further issues however, please let me know

@Julian_Russell - I have checked our logs this morning and this is now showing as updated at around 3am. Can you confirm this is working all OK now please?


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