Yodlee Problems?

I’ve had issues for the last 3 days or so now where I can now import anything via the Yodlee platform (HSBC)

When I tried the other day, it just threw an error (can’t remember what) but wouldn’t even allow me to connect.

Today, it allowed me to connect, entered my banking PIN … then it said “nothing to import” - although there is.

Now, it won’t let me back on. Any ideas?

Strangely … it has now started to work!!

Hello @MrADeveci

There have been one or two issues on Yodlee’s end which has affected a number of accounts, but the issue can be intermittent as you’ve experienced.

We are actively working with Yodlee to resolve this and posting updates to our status page;

However, I’m glad to hear you managed to get it working :slight_smile:

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