Yodlee - Using RBS personal and Mastercard accounts

Isn’t it wonderful :slight_smile: No more manual uploading of statements - well done Glenn!

I have set up Yodlee on my two QF accounts, both with multiple bank business accounts. It would be very helpful if I could connect to my RBS personal current account and RBS Mastercard account. Is this possible? It will help with reconcilation of transfers.



Hi @GaryWilliams

Thanks for the positive feedback!

You certainly should be able to attach your personal account, although I’m not sure about your Mastercard account. How do you normally access this one? Does it have it’s own log in for example?

If you do a search for banks (in this case “Royal Bank of Scotland”) there are a few alternative account types available:

Hope that helps


I have linked my personal current account and credit card account to both my QF accounts.

My life is complete :))

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