Yorkshire Bank Not Refreshing Automatically

I’ve recently switched to Yorkshire Bank and I can’t get it to import the bank transactions automatically. Each time, I can have to refresh the bank feeds manually. It also seems that the transactions are appearing in Quickfile showing the transaction date as 1 date later than appears in the bank account itself. Can anyone help please?

Hi @tingo

Are you using the Open Banking feed, or is it a Yodlee feed?

I am having the same problem. Im using open banking!!!

Please help

I was incorrect and it was a yodlee feed. have sorted it out by unticking the ‘apply import delay’ button

Any news when yorkshire bank will be applied to the open banking system?

With Yorkshire bank you need the import delay because they do the annoying thing of presenting card authorisations as if they were fully settled transactions, and change the transaction date and description over the next few days once the money is actually collected. Without the delay you risk getting duplicate transactions as QuickFile has no way of knowing that the different date and description is actually the same transaction in flux.

Hi @horseshoethurlby

As @ian_roberts mentions, some transactions can be a bit tricky to identify as duplicates.

However, we are currently testing the Yorkshire Bank feed.

I’ve ticked the delay bank feed now. Thanks for the advice

Any idea why it won’t import automatically…?

Are Yorkshire Bank one of the ones where you have to enter a one time code every time you log in to internet banking? If that is the case then it’s not possible for a Yodlee feed to auto refresh as they can’t generate the code on your behalf.

When they come on stream for Open Banking this will change, as the link is direct rather than via screen scraping the internet banking site.

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