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Yorkshire bank PDF statement converted in to CSV error

Hi I have converted a Yorkshire bank PDF statement in to CSV but when I up load, it comes up with a error message
"There was an error processing your file
The CSV file appears to be corrupt.
Error: The CSV appears to be corrupt near record ‘42’ field '1 at position ‘3009’. Current raw data : 'STANDARD BUSINESS, "
Please help and advise.

Hi @Shiraz

Converting a PDF to CSV isn’t always reliable. If possible, I would suggest downloading a CSV or Excel document from the bank directly.

From the brief bit quoted however, it could suggest that the formatting isn’t correct. This could be a comma in the wrong place, or even too many of them.


HI thanks for your reply,

i have tried different methods , and got Csv files converted from XPS files etc

now when i upload it comes up with following message, please advise

Mmm…The columns are not where we expected them to be!
Have you modified the CSV? You can try manually mapping the columns below.

Below is an extract of your CSV file. Please indicate where each field should be mapped to?
My CSV statement has two columns for money in and money out
Transaction Date: Description: Amount:

Column 1


Hi @Shiraz,

It may be best to use the ‘other’ option when you chose the bank. This way you can manually map all of the columns, you can also select whether you have one or two columns for money in/out.

Let me know how you get on

Thanks one step closer, now when I upload wile using " other "
In order to map, it only gives one option with drop down “colum 1” with every option.

Please see attached screen shot.


Hi @Shiraz,

That makes me think that the .csv columns aren’t working correctly.

If you open the file in excel or similar is it splitting the data into columns correctly?

I have also removed the screenshot as it contains your account number etc :slight_smile:

Thanks for that,
Now looking into file it is one colum for everything in each row,
Is there any template csv file I can perhaps copy my data into or any other solution?
Going back to beginning from my bank i can only obtain a PDF, XPS, or a printed statement which I can screen shot or scan but is there any better method to convert them into CSV files or is there any other file type comparable with QF,

How have you opened the .csv? is it in excel?

How are the words separated? If you have opened in excel you should be able to do a text to columns edit to move the data into separate columns.

Ideally you need to have the data in some sort of spreadsheet file.

I’m not sure of any converters but you may be able to find one if you do an online search for one?

sorry I couldn’t be more help

When you open the CSV you should be able to select what character you can use a delimiter (maybe it is File Import in Excel, I’m an Open Office user) so maybe you can experiment with different characters or double spaces etc. Or as @QFBeth says if it is all fixed width you can manually map the cut off points for each column.

There are some online converters but I’m not sure you would get any better results than just doing it manually, and you don’t have to randomly upload your data somewhere unknown.

I had a similar problem today, turned out that Open Office was defaulting to tab separation rather than comma separation.

Yes, I think it does remember your last selection of separator if you change it.

Problem solved! :hugs:
I used zamzar.com to convert PDF to CSV
and than changed bank from Yorkshire to other, it kindly let me map the columns.
Thanks a lot for all your help and support.

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