Yorkshire Bank Statement import wrong fields

Hi, I have started having problems with importing my statement from Yorkshire bank, (now Virgin). It puts both money in and out into the same column therefore showing a payment in my bank account as money in.
Has anyone else had this problem and is it a fault on the bank export (Basic csv).
Thank you, Steven

I should add, this problem has only manifested itself in the last couple of weeks so I wonder if it is to do with the ongoing move over from Yorkshire bank platform to Virgin’s

If the bank changes their CSV format and QuickFile hasn’t yet caught up (or worse, they’re serving different formats to different customers), then you need to select the “other” option instead of your bank name when you do the import. That will let you manually map the columns, including a setting for if in and out are +/- amounts in the same column rather than two separate columns.

Brilliant thanks Ian I’ll have a go at that

I think the problem stems from the bank side. Looking at previous csv statement files, debits were always preceeded with a - sign whereas now they are not so are just all treated as credits by quickfile so all appear in the same column when I click “other” and can’t seem to change anything there.

Is there any way to tell them apart in the CSV? Like is there something in another column that says whether it’s in or out? If so it’s faff but you could load it into Excel, add another column of =IF(D2 = "Debit", -E2, E2), re-export that and then upload to QuickFile.

The csv doesn’t difefrentiate unfortunately, however I have found if I open it in wordpad put a minus sign in front of the debits and save Quickfile then handles the statement correctly. Not ideal but as I do my bank input every week there aren’t too many transactions to deal with. Hopefully once Virgin money fully integrate former Yorkshire bank accounts into their own platform this may resolve itself, though I notice Virgin are not yet in the drop down list of banks supported by QF statement inports.
Many thanks dor your help.

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