"You can only download transactions between the (DATE) and the (DATE)" Barclays bank feed error

Hello, I have been unable to get the Barclays bank feed to function despite going through the process of sorting out the required information of the memorable data and pass code within Barcalys online banking for use within Quick File, once I enter all the required fields in Quick File it seems to think that the connection between it and Barcalys is ok but when it comes to 4am (sync time) it fails to download any transactions.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate the time and effort you all put in to assisting me and other users.


I’ve taken a look at this and the detailed error we are getting back from Barclays is “You can only download transactions between the 08/11/2013 and the 08/11/2013”. Did they close the account? Try downloading a spreadsheet yourself from Barclays online, and you will see the problem.

Hope that helps!

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