Your Power User Subscription has now expired


You want me to extend my power user subscription but there is no entries as I have finished with my self-employment and I just want to finish my book keeping.

How can I disable screen with Power user subscription renewal?


Hi @marla

The subscription is based on the last 12 months of entries. If you have 1000+ nominal ledger entries in this period, it would prompt you for the subscription.

There isn’t a way to dismiss this, but I’ll send you a private message and see how we can help with this.

I understand but I am no longer self-employed so there is no point for buying power user just to see my reports and lost money at the same time.

@marla, I was in exactly the same situation last year. It’s not much help to you now but might help others that in advance of the subscription expiring I made sure all the relevant reports required for my tax return had been exported and saved, and I ran a regular backup so the data was accessible in a raw form.

The power user subscription prompt is, as QFMathew says, based on there being over 1,000 entries in the previous rolling year, so as time goes by the number of entries in that window will fall until sometime within the following year you’ll have access again, and for my purposes this was in time to do some final adjustments before filing my tax return. What I hadn’t done was export the usage report by date which would have allowed me to know exactly when I’d have access again, but if you know how many transactions there were and they’re evenly spread throughout the year you should be able to make an estimate.

Pretty low priority obviously but it would be nice if it displayed the date or countdown to when you’ll be back on a free tier again.

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