Zapier and client names

How is the best way to make the incoming invoices created by zapier to assing the right client instead of creating a new one?
Can we use emails, contact details or just the client names?


Also, I am trying to connect from stripe.
I am using charges to create invoices as paid directly.
The problem is when I have a charge that fails.
Stripe call the status as succeeded
The status of the payment is either succeeded, pending, or failed.

But there is no other way to capture the status from the charge.
Can you add an option so we quickfile understand the three status of stripe and sync them?


I just found the events so maybe I can find a workaround.

Events works better but I am having problems with some things:

  • The notes from zapier override my Payment Terms. Not a big deal, as I only use it for paid invoices. I expected to populate the “extra notes field”.
  • The “Additional Notes” I have set as default are not imported. I need to open the invoice, modify, import from default so it does not help as we try to automate things here. :slight_smile:
  • the client is recognized but the default tag I have for that client is not applied to the invoice.

The description on the Zapier page suggests this is done through the client name, although it needs to be exact:
“QuickFile will match against any existing client records with the exact spelling or create a new one on the fly.”

At the moment, emails or contact details aren’t available, although you’re welcome to start a feature request topic for this if you wish.

There should be an option in Zapier to check the Stripe charge, and run an “if” on the value. For example, the built in Zapier Filter can do this:

This is the default behaviour I believe for anything done via the API (which is what Zapier uses).

I’ve reported this to our dev team

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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It does!

I have move the “additional notes” to the footer, so it does appear on all invoices now. A workaround but not bad.

About the conditional, I am now using the “charge” event where I can select only the correct charges to go through the zap.

I will wait one or two weeks to see how it works and I will search for that conditional options, I couldn´t find any of that when I was configuring the zaps.


Zapier has stopped working for my account.
I am getting this error:
The app returned “The request is invalid.”. This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn’t in a recognized format.

But I have reviewed everything and seems ok.

Hi @expertoswp

We’re not aware of any issues. Do you see any more details on the error apart from “the request is invalid”?

No, there is no more info. The thing is that is working fine with the other stripe account I have.
I will remove it an start from scratch.

Hi @expertoswp,

Did removing and starting again work for you?

No, it didn´t work. I was able to test it and it seems that now the “currency” is not working anymore.
Before this I was sending the currency that stripe provides which is “gbp” and not “GBP” but it wsa working fine with your API.
Now it is not working anymore, so I cannot send the right currency to the invoices.
Can you please fix this?


Funny that it works with eur on another stripe account. Same setup. The only difference is the currency options.

@expertoswp - I’ll send you a private message to get a few details so we can replicate this.