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Zapier api multi-line items


Are there any plans to support multi-line invoicing in or out via zapier? I want to send the line items in an invoice into another app on creation, but also would find this handy if I could bring in multi-line items from say a website order into quickfile as multi-line instead of just 1 line with a sum on the total.


Hi @DesignStitchSew

There aren’t any plans at the moment, but we’ll leave your thread open as an active feature request, and we’ll keep an eye on the interest here.

Would love to be see this as an option. The capability is there within Woocommerce and Zapier, just needs Quickfile to add it too.

Hi @AndyStephens,

If you’d like to add your support there is now the option to vote at the top of the thread :slight_smile: