Zapier - doesn't make new client primary contact


I use Zapier to link a google sheets (auto generated from a google form) to create a new client in Quickfile when a new row in the google sheet is created.

It works really well and transfers the data across as needed. However, when the client is generated along with the contact details, it doesn’t net the contact up as the primary contact? This has an impact when I generate invoices to be emailed as the primary contact needs to be assigned first.

Is the a way or setting so that the first contact is the primary contact (when made via Zapier). I have contacted Zapier about this and they say it is not something they can enforce on their end at present.


Hi @Gavin_Phillips

This sounds like a bug as a client should always have a primary contact.

I’ve referred this to our development team to take a look and will come back to you.

@Gavin_Phillips - This should now be resolved. Would you mind checking and confirming please?

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