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Zapier error - 406

I am getting this error on importing invoices from Zoho CRM

We hit an error adding your new account

authentication failed: Got 406 calling GET https://quickfile.co.uk/api/me, expected 2xx.

  1. Make sure you click “Allow” or “Accept” on the permission popup
  2. Double check your Account has the correct permissions
  3. Check out our help docs for more information

Does anyone know what it is about? I can’t find any info anywhere

Hi @ukprop

I’ve just tested this and successfully linked an account.

At what stage is this happening? Are you able to upload a screenshot of the error you’re seeing please (ensuring you remove any sensitive details)?

that is all that is on the screen nothing to upload. This is a pop-up after you fill in the “Allow Zapier to access your QuickFile Account?” page.
It said something about needing a premium account at Quickfile. Is this the case? Could this be it and how do I check what level I have?

Yes, a Power User Subscription would be required for Zapier.

If you go to Help >> Additional Services on your QuickFile account, you would be able to see what subscriptions you have, and what you can add (if you wish).

I have an affinity account, and can’t see additional services under Help at the dashboard or company level.

You can go to the page manually by going to this link (just change “your-company” to match your unique URL):


This should be done on the individual account rather than Affinity.

that did the job, thanks

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Annoyingly this was all for nothing as Zapier can only import the most basic of invoice details. They say this is quickfile limiting this. Can you please look into this as it makes it very manual for us. Thank you.

Hi @ukprop

Can you please start a #feature request thread outlining what you would like to see? We can certainly consider this as future development, and many of our features do come from our community.