Zapier, import Contacts to Clients

I am trying to get zapier to work to bring in new/amended clients from google contacts to quickfile. I can get everything but the email address to copy over. Ive tried assigning it as work, home and other. Even unassigned.

The output file in zapier is saying the email address is being sent, so am a bit stumped?

Any help will be appreciated.

Tell a lie, its not doing first and last name either, or any phone numbers (not that phone numbers are required)? Just company name and address is coming through?

I have still had no luck with this, no matter how i set it up, its not importing the email address, First Name and Lats name, and its a bit useless without it as i may as well just import them manually.

Hi @Ian_Wilmshurst

Can I just check that in the Zap history, do you see the data being sent to QuickFile? And if so, does it show all the fields being successfully populated and sent?

Yes, the data in section confirms the data has been sent.

I have finally got it working by setting the zap up manually rather that using the pre loadable ones. The setup looks identical but the output looks different and now creates the extra contact info as it should.

Have just been setting up the woocommerce zap, and that is having the same issue with the missing email, first name and surname fields? Will keep fiddling.

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