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Zapier - Invoice Notes mapping issue?



I use Zapier to auto generate invoices when a new purchase is logged via a google forms integration. Part of my Zapier template includes inputting Invoice Notes on the QuickFile invoice. However, when the invoice is created, the notes are recorded to the Payment Terms field on the invoice as opposed to the additional notes field. I would prefer the payment terms field to be left untouched as it contains my standard payment information. Is the integration from Zapier mapped to the wrong field on QuickFile or vice versa? Please can you look into it?



Hello @Gavin_Phillips

I’ve asked our development team to take a look at this and will report back shortly.


Hi, is there an update on this? Thanks.


Hi @Gavin_Phillips

No updates at the moment. As soon as I have any updates, I’ll be sure to let you know.

@Gavin_Phillips - Apologies, this should be live. Can you check and confirm for me please?



Yes, it works and the notes now appear in the additional notes field. However, the payment information field is blank on invoice creation and the standard notes do not appear? Manually I just click import default but my hope was to automate the invoice sending so this would be needed.


I’ll have to double check on this one. With our API we look for the related tag for these, and where it’s not supplied, it’s saved with the default. If the tag is supplied but with no value, it’s saved as empty.

The issue I foresee with Zapier, I think they will always provide this tag regardless of the value.

Let me check this out and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.