Zero all figures but retain transaction history

I need to zero all figures and start a new financial year from zero
Its essential that I still have access to everything that has already been entered onto QF though
Is it possible to zero and start again or perhaps start again completely but with the same company registration etc?


Hi Donna

Do you need to reset the figures because you’re starting a new financial year? If this is the case, you can run our end of year tool, more details of which can be found here.

This will preserve all previous data, but prepares your account ready for the financial year. It doesn’t however, produce a final set of accounts, but your accountant should be able to help prepare these.


I havent maintained everything correctly through the last few years on QF ie: not added payroll, expenses etc and all of the opening balances are incorrect. Its my plan however to start doing everything through QF so I really need to zero everything and start again - ideally I think a new account would work best. Is this possible?

You can zero everything by running the account wipe procedure, but this delete everything you select (you’re given the choice of clients, invoices, suppliers, etc.). There’s more details on this tool here: