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Zero Rate VAT

How do you create a Zero VAT Rate to be able to select from an invoice dropdown.
Secondly, if an invoice has both Exempt and standard Rate VAT in it how is this processed, in that if you select exempt box on invoice, that is the only VAT Rate you can get on each line.

That’s what the standard “No VAT” does.

I believe QuickFile only supports “exempt” at the whole invoice level, however you could just put the exempt lines as zero rated given they both need to be treated the same on the VAT return (both zero rated and exempt sales are supposed to be counted towards the box 6 total). In fact I believe that if you were to tick the “exempt” box then QuickFile would wrongly exclude that invoice from box 6, so you may be better off just leaving it unticked in all cases anyway.

If you need to track your exempt sales separate from your zero rated ones for partial exemption calculations then you could create a separate sales nominal code for the exempt sales and use the little cog-wheel button in the invoice line description box to assign the exempt items to that code.

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