Zero rated cash register sales

I have tried to create zero vat on cash register sales without success.

The additional vat rates facility will not let me insert 0%.

At the moment the vat content has to be changed - easy enough but time consuming.

Any suggestions

Hello @liverandbacon

The way the cash register tool works, is you can literally just enter the net and VAT values. The percentage doesn’t really matter as you are just entering daily/weekly/monthly totals.

The invoice screen would show as 20% but the total vat would be the total you entered

Thanks for reply.

I do understand that, but every entry has to be amended to nil, as it is a zero rated business.

I am trying to eliminate the chance of errors.

If the default sales vat rate could be set to zero, then this would solve my problem.

Zero percentage is not available, but all the others are.


Peter Adams

Hello Peter.

but every entry has to be amended to nil.

I’m not sure why you would have to do this as you are entering the amount of VAT as zero.

The default sales vat rate of 20% is not being used as you are manually entering the the VAT total.

Zero would show on the invoice.


Thank you for replying.

I understand that the default vat rate is 20% but this can be set at 5, 7.5 and 20% for sales invoices.

If zero was added to the drop down choice, I could set default at 0.00.

Then, as I understand it, the vat total on cash register sales on each line would show as 0.00 and would not need to be amended each time.


Peter Adams

Hello @liverandbacon

I have amended this thread to a feature request to allow other users to vote on it.

At present it is not possible to change the VAT rate on the cash register tool to 0%.


Thank you


Peter Adams

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