Zero-rated invoicing

I wish to display the VAT amount on my invoices when the goods sold are zero-rated (books, children’s clothes etc). The VAT amount to display will be 0 but I still wish it to appear on my invoice. When I select VAT at 0% Quickfile simply removes VAT from the invoice. That is not correct. I need the VAT amount to appear (even if it is zero). I see previous posts on this same topic but not the answer. If it is not possible to do this I would like confirmation.

For me it still shows the VAT column even if the value is zero, or are you asking about the total at the bottom?

You’re right, the VAT column is there but it is only the 0% that is stripped out of the totals at the bottom. With other VAT rates their amounts do appear in the totals at the bottom. I guess I can live with it but it would be more logical if the 0% rate operated the same as the 5% and 20% rates.

I agree, ideally it’d be good if QuickFile could do the same kind of breakdown of the VAT and net totals at each rate, like you get in invoices from other systems such as Sage. Currently QuickFile just gives an overall net total and then the total VAT at each non-zero rate.

This is an example of the kind of thing I’m talking about from one of my suppliers.

You can show and hide the VAT column on a line by line basis (as shown below) and totals would show at the bottom for each rate with the VAT amount.

0.00% vat would always be 0.00 and is therefore not shown

Account Settings > Invoice Customisation, click on the items area


@Ian_roberts, Feel free to log this as a feature request, if you think it would be useful

@QFSteve thanks - it’s a bit academic for me now since I stopped trading but it might be useful to other people. One thing that I did notice though while looking for the background info to answer this question, is that according to VAT record keeping: VAT invoices - GOV.UK a valid VAT invoice is supposed to show the

My bold - the invoice is supposed to make clear the rate of VAT applied to each line, not just the amount of VAT, so technically QuickFile invoices should have another column with the per-line VAT rate (though I guess it’d still be valid to omit this in the case of an invoice where all the lines are at the same VAT rate).

@lastedition we’ll look into this shortly and update you.

@lastedition we’ve made the following changes to the way VAT is displayed in the footer region.

  1. If an invoice has a zero rated item this will now reveal an additional “VAT Total” line in the footer showing that there is “0.00” VAT attributed to the invoice.

Note: I am aware that if you have more than one zero rated items the abovementioned line disappears again. We will also fix this in the next release.

  1. If an invoice has multiple different rates applied, a “VAT Total” per rate will also now be shown in the footer.

I hope this makes things clearer.