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Zettle integration 2

This is a continuation from the previous zettle integration topic: it appears to be closed (to me) to new comments?

This discussion has been going on for 7 years, and I see zettle card readers in many small businesses I visit - it’s very popular! So, can we get some sort of integration please!

@rhc suggests using the export facility on zettle: I’ve tried doing this but Quickfile doesn’t accept XLSX excel files, so then I had to convert it to csv, but then the file wasn’t loaded successfully into quickfile because the file wasn’t correctly mapped.

This is all very messy. Anybody got a definitive method here?

I’ve now discovered that zettle already has many integrations, sadly not quickfile: https://my.zettle.com/apps

It should map fine if you select other as the bank and then tick the box if the money in and out are in two columns?